sand-and-waves-in-summer: Woah! Is that you in the photo on the side of your blog? (It's gorgeous)! I really love your blog, so much! The url suits the type - it's wonderful. Please check my blog out xoxo 

hahah i wish. But sadly, that is not my picture. im actually a pasty-ass white girl. but im so glad you like the blog; i checked your’s out and lovedd it. XX

endlesssurfs: Hey I'm in love with your blog <333 id love it if you would check out my blog! Looking for some advice to keep it interesting!! Much love xx 

thank you <33 i just check out your blog and followed immediately. im not sure if i can give the best advice, but just blog what you actually want to. If you like your blog, then so will all of your followers <3

sun-swept-hair: your blog is stunning!! I'm literally in love with it! x 

thank you so much <3 im in love with sun-swept-hair

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